The Summer and Autumn of 2019 will see me host some feasts at One Field Farm, to celebrate all the things I’ve grown in the best way I can think of…by inviting friends old and new to share at some long tables at the top of the garden or in the polytunnel. Ever since working on farms and homesteads in Australia and America I’ve always wanted to cook with and preserve what I grow, growing vegetables is bloody hard work and turning boxes of produce into plates of food is the most rewarding way to make all the hard work worth it.

I’m not a chef, but I love to cook and when I was working on previous farms it was my way of feeling at home with my newly adopted families, and the quickest route to contributing when there was often long days and lots of bellies to fill. I cook with what’s growing at the field that week, starting with some ideas that shift into a menu by the day before a feast…it’s simple, homemade food that is intended to pay homage to just how delicious truly fresh and seasonal can be. They’re meant to be enjoyed like a long fresh lunch you might spend hours over in the relaxed climes of Europe, rather than a traditional English roast with drippy gravy. The feasts are usually three courses and are vegetarian..because vegetables is what I grow!. (On occasion, however, I might serve locally caught game or fish but will host a separate feast for this). The vast majority of each feast will centre around my own produce and preserves, and I source everything else as local as I can..eggs from the postman, local dairy products and flour from up the road. I can cater for dietary requirements but am often cooking alone, so would appreciate it if guests come with an open mind to trying lots of different things that grow in a wild country garden a half a mile from the coast of Cornwall.

I can’t wait to welcome you soon xx