I can tell you that I can use InDesign and Photoshop, organise events, set up e-commerce sites and even bake 6 layer wedding cakes but in a time when the lines are once more becoming blurred between jobs, careers and callings I really don’t think a CV is the best way to communicate what I’m best at.

Instead I’ve asked the people I’ve been lucky to work with to write a few words. (It's all a bit awkward but I've tried to keep all trumpet blowing to this tiny corner of the internet.)  

Lily Cole / Impossible

Meg has been a delight to work with. She is incredibly professional and hard working, always going the extra mile and wearing lots of different hats. And she happens to be a great baker!

Tom Herbert  /  Hobbs House Bakery

Meg is rare, an upbeat force multiplier with charm, whit and insight, add to this a strong get-it-done work ethic and you have in Meg a person you’ll want to keep [or clone].

Lisa Dauncey / The Do Lectures

I first met Meg in June 2015 when she volunteered at the Do Lectures in Wales. I was immediately impressed with her calm and gentle manner and her ability to get on with others – an ideal combination for a hectic week, packed full of late nights and early mornings. 

Meg has an amazing work ethic and a real ‘can do’ attitude. No task, however big or small, seemed to phase her and she really took on board the aims and principles of the Do Lectures. I particularly enjoyed Meg’s positive attitude, teamwork mentality and her eye for detail. She is an intelligent and professional person, who is full of energy and always willing to help.

I am so pleased that she has volunteered again for the Do Lectures in 2016 and the whole team are looking forward to working with her again.  

Becky Moore / Sidai Designs

As a small creative start up, it is always hard to find the right people who can not only think creatively but also practically, multitask, are ready to get stuck in and can do some nifty DIY! Meg is a rare gem. Needless to say Meg's natural intuition, can-do attitude and great sense of humour made our week long trip in each other's pockets in Paris, an absolute breeze. 

Natasha Morgan / Oak & Monkey Puzzle

 56 days ago I turned up at the airport with nothing but a photo of a girl and the memory of her voice from a brief telephone conversation. Having never even shared a house with anyone except boyfriends and partners I was a little apprehensive but somehow confident about sharing my dream with a complete stranger. We had connected through serendipity after all so I had to have faith it would work out... and it did.

Foraging elderberries down country lanes, hands full of rosehip and hawthorn thorns, subjected repeatedly to the kids favourite 'Frozen' song blaring in a car far too big for a girl who can barely reach the peddles, mastering brioche and every other possible pastry delicacy... She may not be the world's best gardener but hey this girl is so much more. She says Girl Friday. I say Girl Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday...